Grant Recipient Info

Each year’s grant recipients directly responds to at least one of the four areas of concern identified by All Saints for focusing its domestic outreach funding grants: hunger, homelessness, literacy, and aging.

All Saints Episcopal Church 2017 Garden Tour                     

Request for a Funding Grant   

Thank you for your interest in applying for funds from the proceeds of the All Saints Episcopal Church 2017 Garden Tour. Applications must be received by the Garden Tour 2017 Board by October 15, 2016. The Board will review all applications and make recommendations to the Church Vestry in December. The final decision naming the recipients will be made in early 2017. 

The Board will consider the following criteria:

  1. The non-profit organization must be a 501 (c) (3) entity under the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. The organization must provide services to the citizens of Beaufort County or Jasper County, South Carolina as they struggle with the specific challenges presented by either hunger, homelessness, literacy, or aging. Applications will not be accepted from entities that do not exist primarily to provide support in at least one of these four functional areas.
  3. The group must complete a grant application form provided by All Saints Garden Tour and demonstrate how it would use any provided grant funding for at least one discrete project, with measurable results. The Garden Tour Board would like each recipient group to provide it with an after-action report detailing how the group’s respective portion of the Garden Tour proceeds were actually utilized.  If the group has received a grant within the past 3 years, please provide a summary of how the funds were utilized.
  4. The organization must explain how it screens clients that it serves to avoid waste, fraud, and abuse of its funding
  5. In its financial information, the non-profit organization must indicate that it has a projected 2017 budget under $650,000.
  6. The group must agree, if selected to receive funding from the All Saints Garden Tour, to sell Garden Tour tickets to its respective donor list, board members, and other centers of influence. In addition, the group must agree to provide volunteers to assist with the conduct of the Garden Tour through such activities as assisting with garden hostess or parking duties at the garden sites or helping with kitchen support in Gordon Mann Hall.


If you believe that your organization or project meets these criteria, please click on Grant Application Tab on this website’s menu bar to complete the online application.  If you have questions concerning any part of this process please call Carole Galli 843-689-9495.